Yuliya Vinokurova

Hong Kong/Moscow


HK: +852 8191 0334

US: +1 (917) 725-2028

Yuliya Vinokurova (BA, Boston College ’01) is a co-founder of Jowers / Vargas and has played a leading role in Evan Jowers’ team for twelve years. She splits her time between St. Petersburg, Russia and Hong Kong, and also spends time in our New York and London offices. Further she will be leading our planned effort to open a Moscow offices soon. Yuliya has made numerous placements of US attorneys in Asia in big law, as well as assisted Evan with many of his placements, including at the partner level. She has had success in placing US attorneys at top law firms in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai  Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, London, Frankfurt, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando and Miami. She has helped open new US law firm offices in Asia. She runs all our marketing efforts and manages our recruiting staff, while also maintaining her position as one of the leading US attorney recruiters in Asia over the past decade. Yuliya has been in the legal recruiting industry since 2006. Previously, Yuliya was a partner in a boutique real estate firm in Los Angeles for several years, and Yuliya began her professional career as a financial analyst at Accenture in New York, right after college. Yuliya considers herself both American and Russian, as she is a citizen of both countries and has strong personal ties and a love for both. Yuliya and Evan Jowers have been close since the mid 1990s, when Evan was based in St. Petersburg, Russia.